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Tutorial o1;

I don't know if this will be useful but here it comes, my first tutorial >_<, if you don't understand something, comment in this entry X3

o1; Take your base, i will use this base from Rukis photoshoot from Arena37 *¬*, and prepare it (in this base I only had to auto ajust the levels :3 (Image > Adjustments > Auto levels))

o2; Make a new Curves layer (layer > new adjustment layer > curves) with this settings:

In: 99
Out: 91

In: 173
Out: 125

o3; Duplicate your base drag it to top, then set it to Screen between 50-100% opacity (mine was 70%)

o4; Make a new selective color layer (layer > new adjustment layer > selective color) with this setting:

C: -50
M: 0
Y: +55
B: 0

C: -11
M: 0
Y: +18
B: 0

o5; Make a new Channel Mixer layer (layer > new adjustment layer > Channel mixer) with this settings:

R: +89
G: +28
B: -25
Constant: -2

o6; I took this texture by lifeisdolce and set it to screen 100% (I rotate it and resize it >_<)

And you are done!

Other icons maked with this efect → here
Yes they have all the same efect only with a bit of variation in the screen & selective color layers, and of course diferent textures ^-^

I would like to see how your icons turned out X3!!
Tags: music: gazette, tutorial
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